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Photo Slideshows & Videos

The next logical step after having all of your photos scanned is selecting the ones that you want made into a slideshow or video.

This is something that I can assist you with.
Over the years I have put together video slideshows for funerals, family reunions, birthdays as well as historic slideshows of old photos such as the Villiers Visual Story below.

The Villiers Visual Story

This is a nice slideshow of photos that I created of original photos in the Salter Bros. Collection. I scanned, cropped, corrected all of these photos and then put them together into a video slideshow with movement within the photos.

This is a fantastic historic slideshow of old photos dating from the late 1940s in Wolverhampton England.

Blackstone Oil Engine Video

This video was made for a family friend of his Blackstone Oil Engine which he had running at an engine Rally. I took the photos and video shots and edited it all together.

Vintage Rolls Royce Video

I made this slideshow of photos and then video of the engine starting from inside the vehicle and showing the engine itself.

A fun little project at a stationary engine rally in 2019.

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