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Let’s Enjoy Ballarat’s History

Ballarat being such the beautiful city that it is, naturally its history is full of amazing stories and buildings.
Buildings that a lot of people have driven past but that have never actually been in. 

Part of our work as 360 degree Photographers is exploring some of these amazing buildings and creating 3D Virtual Tours of them.

Below are some fantastic examples of Ballarat and its amazing history!

 Ballarat Town Hall

A fascinating project that we completed a number of years ago was the Ballarat Town Hall. Every room within the town hall from the ground floor all the way to the top of the crows nest!

Take your time to look around the council chambers, explore the beautiful paintings on the walls and the amazing floors. Travel up the stairs of the tower and find the enormous clock movement.

A truly amazing building with so many hidden features.


Old Ballarat Gaol

This was a fascinating project completed for the City of Ballarat for Heritage weekend. We were able to go down into part of the Old Ballarat Gaol which is below the Federation University Library in the Ballarat CBD at the Tafe Campus.

Although quite a small room, it is filled with so much history and is definitely not a place that many people have been able to enter in the 21st century.


The Prison Turret

This prison turret is part of the Old Ballaarat Gaol in the centre of Ballarat at the University.

Most people don’t realise this turret and its history and they certainly don’t get the opportunity to climb the stairs of the turret and look down upon the university.

Ballarat Railway Station

A wonderful historic railway station that is located in the Ballarat CBD that is the heart of transport to the Ballarat people for over 150 years.

This is a project we undertook for V/Line to create 3D Virtual Tours of railway stations in Victoria.

To check out other railway stations we have scanned for V/Line – Click Here


Ballarat Mechanics Institute

This is another project that was completed for the City of Ballarat for Heritage Weekend. The basement of the Mechanics Institute is something that is seldom seen. A beautiful area that looks like shop frontage which is located under the main street of Sturt Street in Ballarat CBD.

To learn more about BMI visit their website – Click Here


Tram No. 14

For the tram enthusiast, here is Tram No. 14 which is part of the Ballarat Tramways Museum located around Lake Wendouree in Ballarat. The tram is lovingly preserved and utilised for tram rides around Lake Wendouree.

For more information about the Ballarat Tramway Museum, please visit their website – Click Here or drop in for a visit



Australian Ex-Prisoner of War Memorial Ballarat

A project that we took a lot of pride in doing on our own accord was to create this 3D Virtual Tour of the Ex-prisoner of war memorial in Ballarat.

I have dedicated this virtual tour in memory of my Grandfather, Ernie Salter for his services in WWII.

More Information – Click Here

Ballarat Masonic Centre

The Ballarat Masonic Centre, although a relatively new building still houses some of Ballarat’s oldest Freemason Lodges and history dating back to the 1860s in Ballarat.

Most people have always wanted to look inside a masonic lodge and wondered what goes on within the walls, so look no further, take some time to explore this beautiful building.

For more information visit Guiding Star Lodge No. 922 – Click Here


St. Patrick’s Cathedral Ballarat

One of our first projects was to scan this beautiful Cathedral in Ballarat. It is such a beautiful, grand building that you are just in aw of when looking around. The Cathedral has so much history and is well worth viewing via the virtual tour and if you are in town, drop past and take a look.

For further information about St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat, please visit their website – Click Here


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