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Show off the best things about your Kindergarten with a 3D Virtual Tour

Do you know how to market your kindergarten to new parents and guardians in the digital, online world 2023?

Generations X, Y, and Z are now sending their children off to Kindergarten and are researching online where to send them and why to send them to your Kindergarten.

Our Virtual Tours work on PC & Mac computers, tablets, smart phones and Virtual Reality Headsets.

Are you doing all you can in this online world to showcase your kindergarten to the next generation of parents and guardians?

Did you know that 95% of parents do their research outside of business hours? How are you meeting their needs?


Check out the Delacombe Kindergarten 3D Virtual Tour

Our virtual tours work on: Desktops, laptops, Macs, smart phones and virtual reality headsets.

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Matt Salter - Jolt Media

The 3D tours of our Early Childhood Centres have been very important in providing parents with the opportunity to look at each centre to assist them in choosing where they would like to enrol their child.

During COVID-19 in 2020 the tours were the only way parents could view the whole centre and we were very grateful to provide parents with this opportunity.

We would recommend Jolt Media’s 3D tours to anyone wanting to showcase their facilities.

Jo Geurts

CEO, ECKA - Leaders in Early Childhood Education

Some ECKA 3D Virtual Tour Examples

Creswick Kindergarten

A fantastic facility that is located in the small country town of Creswick in regional Victoria. 

We worked with the staff at Creswick and District Kindergarten to organise a suitable time and date to work around their busy schedule.

Something intersting to note about this kindergarten is that they have a Kindergarten dog which you can see in the virtual tour sitting on the dog bed.

Phoenix Kindergarten

A great, modern kindergarten that is located in Sebastopol, a suburb in Ballarat, Victoria.

We were able to work with the staff to organise a suitable time and date outside of student hours to create this fantastic 360 virtual tour of this modern facility.

In the virtual tour we were about to capture everything that the staff boast about their kindergarten.

Mt. Clear Kindergarten

This Kindergarten was a pleasure to scan. Located in the suburb of Mt. Clear in the town of Ballarat.

Featuring a fantastic space indoors and outdoors for the children to play and learn.

Woady Yaloak Kindergarten

A great kindergarten located just outside of Ballarat in the country town of Scaresdale, Victoria.


Online Interaction & 3D Virtual Tours

Delacombe 3D Doll House

3D Doll house

One of our services when scanning your kindergarten is to create a full 3D Doll house of the centre. 
This shows you the overall layout of the kindergarten and how every room pieces together.
It is quite a valuable tool for partents who are deciding whether or not to send their child to your kindergarten.

Website Interaction

Our 3D Virtual Tours embed directly into all websites via an iframe which enables the viewer to interact with the 3D Virtual Tour directly on your website which helps prevent visitors from getting lost and leaving your website. This leads to further online interaction on your website.

Social Media

If your kindergarten is using social media such as Facebook and Twitter, I would encourage you to share the 3D Virtual Tour on your social media. This shows off your Kindergarten to anyone who happens to be searching for it. It also creates further online interaction with your social media pages which makes posts go further.

Google Street View

The next step is adding the 3D Virtual Tour into Google My Business, Previously Google Places.
This completes your Google My Business listing, and Google Street View completes the online experience.
This enables visitors to find your kindergarten from Google Street View as well as from your Google My Business listing. Google keeps track of how many people are viewing the photos too.

If you have not claimed your Google Places listing this is something I can assist you with.

Business Directories

Your 3D Virtual Tour can be added into as many websites as you need.
This is great for directories that list your kindergarten and allows you to go that bit extra and show off all the features of your kindergarten.


Asset Management

By having a 360 Virtual Tour of all of your different locations, you can inspect each location and see what facilities are at each location without having to leave the office. This is particuarly useful for businesses who are managing a large number of properties. They are a great time saving asset.


Meet Jolt Media

I’m Matt Salter, the founder of Jolt Media.

I am passionate about  helping your kindergarten by utilising the latest technology to showcase all of your kindergarten’s features to new parents and guardians trying to find the right place to send their children to Kindergarten.

Contact Jolt Media today to discuss your Kindergarten’s needs and how I can assist you in your marketing with 3D Virtual Tours.

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